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Sep 18, 2008

30 years on one mitzvah

The following Letter to the Editor is amazing. It ran in the Yated Ne'eman yesterday..

The guy posts that 30 years ago they took a sherut (shared taxi service) to Bnei Braq and when they disembarked they mistakenly took a sheitel box that was not theirs. there was asheitel inside and for 30 years they have been looking for the owner unsuccessfully.

Can you imagine holding on to something you found for 30 years? And still thinking about it and looking for the owner? Amazing!


  1. isnt it "lifnai iver" to return a shaitel?

  2. if it is 30 years old, I am sure it cannot look good enough to be "lifnai iver"

  3. yeah, thats what i was thinking. a 30 yr old sheitel? yuck.

  4. It must of gone gray by now :-)


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