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Sep 16, 2008

a flurry of letters

Two weeks ago there was a cute ad in the local Haredi rag "Chadash". The ad was in the form of a letter seemingly sent from a child.

The child, Yossi, was "thanking" the Mayor and the Director of the city for being so concerned for all the children of Bet Shemesh. The "child" writes that they thank the mayor for 4 years in which they had to sit and learn in caravans and containers, so that 2 months prior to elections the mayor can give us new buildings, thereby "buying" the elections. And that his friends in other schools will have to wait for more years in caravans until the next elections before they get their buildings.

Somebody is doing their job pretty decently, based on the response in this past weeks newspapers. There was a letter back to the "child" from another child named "Meier" (whoever is behind that name I do not know).

"Meier" writes that he read Yossi's letter and would like to know in which school his friends from the various neighborhoods study. He goes on to list in each of the Haredi neighborhoods the various Haredi schools and when they each were given a building, ranging from this year back to 6 years prior.

he also mentions a number of school buildings that are in the planning but will not be ready until next year (after elections), and have already been designated for certain schools.
"Meier" concludes that it must be either "you do not learn in a haredi school, or you wrote with ulterior motives".

Meier concludes thanking the mayor for all he has done, and blesses the mayor with a productive future. He then wishes that next time [Yossi] will be more careful with his tongue!

I love it!


  1. i dont get the point of the second letter. is that also against the mayor since there are tons of schools that dont yet have buildings? or is it defending the mayor that he gives the buildings when they are available?

  2. I do not know who put out the second etter, but I love the style of the response, putting the complainer in his place.
    the point is that he gives out plenty of buildings to schools and most of the time it is not during an election year.
    and there are more being planned and built to be given out next year, when it is not an election year. so there is no basis for the form of complaint that was registered in the first letter.

    You can still complain why this school got and not that, or why this got a building here and not there, or why this got a building size x and the other size y, but the complaint that was registered is baseless.


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