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Sep 10, 2008

Benny Elbaz on Aryeh Deri

Last night I was in the car and had the radio tuned to Radio Kol Hai. The host of the program was Mordechai Lavi and he was talking with Benny Elbaz about Aryeh Deri running for mayor of Jerusalem.

Benny Elbaz is a big-time singer, big-time Deri supporter and big-time Shas person. He is close with Deri. After Deri's conviction, Elbaz wrote the instant hit song known as, "Hu Zakkai" (He is innocent).

On the way to the radio station, in the taxi, Elbaz wrote a song for Aryeh Deri's campaign. It was a very nice song - I really liked it in a musical sense, and Elbaz has a great voice. He sang it live a few times on the program, and they replayed it (I guess they recorded it also while he was there, or it was off a voice recorder) a few more times.

The theme of the song was Jerusalem has been waiting for a strong leader to unite it for 2000 years, and Aryeh is it.

I cannot find any clip of it yet, so here is a clip, unrelated, of Gad Elbaz, Benny Elbaz's son, singing Ana B'Koach recently in a concert in Cesaria...

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