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Sep 16, 2008

Is Bet Shemesh in or out of the Green Line?

If you thought that dispute the Palestinian people (and their sympathizers) have with Israel is only regarding land over the "Green Line", somebody out there thinks otherwise.

The sign below, in Bet Shemesh which is well within the "Green Line" and supposedly undisputed territory, was defaced with graffiti declaring it Palestinian territory....

I don't get the connection. An anti-Lerner slogan would be understandable. An anti-Dati Leumi would be understandable, and anti-Zionist statement would even be understandable, a pro-different candidate would be understandable. But a declaration that this is Palestinian territory makes no sense. Unless the person who sprayed it was an agent of Hamas...


  1. I think they were trying to say "shetach neturei karna d'bet shemesh," but they got a little mixed up.

    Perhaps they thought they were still in Iran...

  2. I don't get the connection.

    Haven't you been here long enough to know that in Israeli politics there is no connection!

  3. Mike- as I said - "agents of Hamas"..

    risa - true. I guess it is more connected than had they painted nach nach or shmiras aynayim slogans....

  4. What they are saying, as if we needed further evidence of this, is that they are morons.

  5. And nobody mentions Peace Now fanatics as the culprits?

  6. I have not seen too much Peace Now activity in Bet Shemesh... anyway, the person who sent it to me knows who it was, and it is not Peace Now (though both groups often fight for similar things)

  7. It was chareidi.. NK shmucks.. you can see this spray paint around meah shearim, geula etc..


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