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Sep 7, 2008

don't kids say the darndest things!

On Thursday night I was goign through the freezer taking a roast out to defrost to cook for Shabbos. My 4-year old daughter was there with me. She relates the open freezer door to igloos and ice cream, so when she saw I was not taking out either igloos or ice cream she asked me what I was doing.

I told her I am taking out meat for Shabbos. So she asked, "This is cow and sheep? for shabbos? You are taking out cow and sheep for shabbos?"

So I said yes.,. but just cow.

So after a moment she said, "Next time dont shecht a cow and sheep."

I asked why not? what will we eat for shabbos?

She responded, "We will make our own food!"


  1. do you take your kids with you to shecht?

    4 y/o? how about we make a shiduch?

  2. all my kids have seen it, because I have done fowl in my backyard.
    SHeep and cows/calves have only been seen by my oler boys who have accompanied me.

    shidduch? seems early but I am open to it


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