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Sep 8, 2008

Voting in September!

Out of curiosity, I created a poll. You can find it on the right side in the sidebar (at the top).

Who would you vote for, for mayor of Bet Shemesh?

I included all the candidates who have declared themselves officially up to this point (and I included Vaknin who has not yet officially declared, but he is the incumbent).

Please take a moment and vote. Obviously this will not be a scientific poll, or a poll that will be any indication of trends in the upcoming elections that can be relied upon by anybody wanting to make a prediction, but it will satisfy my, and maybe yours as well, curiosity...

So not only do you get to vote in November, you get to vote in September too!


  1. Another poll:


  2. rafi g. for mayor!

    (you run and i'll make aliyah)

  3. that's all it will take for you to make aliya? even though I would have no chance of winning?

  4. Is this a Chicago thing (vote early, vote often)?

  5. I don't even know who I'm voting for in Rehovot and you want me to vote for Bet Shemesh?

  6. Risa - you don't need to vote.. either in Bet Shemesh or in America (some say the two have become pretty similar... maybe that is what Olmert was referring to when he heard many of the NBN Olim move to Bet Shemesh!)


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