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Sep 24, 2008

a failed concert

They say the Shwekey concert last night was a flop. ONly a couple thousand people showed up, making his decision to hold the concert in the premier stadium of Ceasaria a bad one.

It was clear this was going to be a failure. Who in the frum community is going to concerts on erev Rosh Hashana? In the yeshivas, perhaps it is the very bottom of the yeshiva guys, as even the average guys, who normally would go, would not go now. And in the baalebatish world people are getting ready for yom tov and have work and school...

And who wants to shlep out to Ceasaria for a concert anyway? He should have made it in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. These guys get it into their head that they are so good they can fill a stadium anywhere.

Perhaps his plan should have been to get himself banned again... The mishmeres guys were smarter this time around. By ignoring it and not banning him, they did not make it into a thing to davka go.

Or perhaps people are going tomorrow night to the Paul McCartney concert (in Tel Aviv), and did not want to go to two concerts this week!


  1. He probably figured if gad elbaz can do it - so can he!

  2. I am sure that is part of it, but you should note that Gad Elbaz's concert was also considered a failure with only a couple thousand people in attendance and the stadium mostly empty...


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