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Sep 20, 2008

will they be singing in your shul durng the holidays? (video)

from the recent Chabad Telethon... These guys are great! I wonder how they thought of teaching this song to these guys to sing it....


  1. I once told my Rav during a shiur where he complained that someone had criticisized the services a basicaly stilted and boring that if I was reborn to another I religion, I would be a black Baptist--and here you have the reason why. Ours is a religion of avodah, while theirs is a religion of soul.

  2. That's why i love to daven at Carlebach - the building actually rocks on Friday nights!
    If someone is not religious and interested in a shabbat experience I take them to the Carlebach shul -it's very user-friendly!

    There's no greater turn-off than a mumbled musaf or hallel - these pasukim were made to be sung together, loud and proud!

  3. Awesome! I've always loved gospel. They have what it takes to get the message outward and upward... no standing around, swaying and mumbling. Sing it!


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