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Sep 17, 2008

being polite works too

The saga of my disabled Facebook account is has come to an end.

I had decided I would not open a new account and just forget about Facebook altogether. A week ago, right when they disabled the account, I sent an email to Facebook support "appealing" their decision. I received a form letter in return saying it will be looked into.

After not hearing from them all week, I said I will send one more letter and that is it. I sent another polite letter, and left it at that.

Last night, a little bit after I sent the email, I received a reply from Facebook with an apology and a notice that my account has been re-enabled. no explanation, but they took care of the problem.

I guess asking politely also helps... you don't need to always scream and threaten, which I am not good at anyway.


  1. I protest this post (and the previous facebook post) as i don't see the relevance to the supposed theme of this blog.

  2. protest away...
    but the description of this blog in my blogger profile says, "My thoughts on life. Life in Israel, life in general and pretty much anything I feel like writing about."

    While it has nothing to do with Judaism or Israel which is what I generally write about, it does have to do with "and pretty much anything I feel like writing about."

  3. here here rafi. I protest all protesters! I have yet to read a post of yours that I haven't enjoyed.. (although not so keen on the basketball ones, but theyre few and far between!)


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