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Sep 9, 2008

an effective way to deal with the problem

Kol HaKavod.
The sale of pork in Israel bothers these guys enough that they came up with a solution. Instead of burning down the stores or holding prayer vigils outside them or banning them or anything like that, they simply went and bought the stores and is kashering them.
They say there is no economic interest involved (no idea if that is true or not). They simply bought it to purge it of pork and non-kosher food.

Kol Hakavod!


  1. but what if the pork sellers buy another store in order to sell pork? the market they thought existed still exists. the potential customers are still around. all these guys did was give them more capital to work with. how does it help?

  2. maybe. the article does not say why the owners sold, nor how much the deal was worth. Perhaps the owners were looking for an out. Maybe they felt the market did not justify it and they will not open more stores. Don't know./ But these guys get a kol hakavod for putting out the effort...

  3. i don't remember pork being a big problem in israel years back. who eats it, the hilonim of the russians? and i didn't realize that modiin had such a large non-dati population.

    i'm not sure why the focus on pork, as opposed to other kashruth violations. but in any case, i agree that this is much better than the "regular" modus operandi. of course קירוב would be the best route.

  4. money speaks
    Maybe the pork business wasn't great.

    The Russian immigrants, jews and n-j's are the big customers.

  5. LoZ,

    Modiin was originally meant to be a non-dati city, but they had to grudgingly accept the dati population. The iriyah is still not thrilled about the datiim there, and they give us a hard time with new shuls, schools, etc.

  6. Tiv Taam is opening new stores, just saw one open in Ramat Gan (next to Kiryat Atidim). Besides the non-kosher products, the stores are noted for a fancy professional appearance, very much like an American full size grocery with deli counter, restaurant, etc.

  7. YONI:

    what percentage is dati? are datiyyim dispersed throughout the city, or do the live primarily in certain neighborhoods or on certain blocks?

  8. Ooh I was so excited to hear about it. I think it's awesome.

  9. Good one. This is proper action taken. I agree with your words. Thank you.


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