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Sep 4, 2008

Obama and Palin match up pretty equally, except in one category. Jewishness. (video)

They seem to be matching each others moves pretty equally...

Obama is inexperienced, so McCain picked someone even more inexperienced.
Obama is attractive (handsome in guy language), so McCain picked an attractive VP candidate.
Obama has great oratory skills, Palin showed off some of her oratry skills last night.
Obama has played the youth card, Palin knocks that out as well.
Obama chimes for change and outsiders, Palin one ups him on that as well.

Palin was spotted with the Israeli flag on her curtains and in her lapel (nobody seems to know why she had them there). How the heck is Obama going to counter that one?

Here is the answer. It seems that Michelle Obama's cousin is a Jew. He converted in 1985, an orthodox conversion. Not only is he a Jew, but he is a Rabbi. Not only is he a Rabbi (Rabbi Capers Funnye), but he is rabbi of the largest Black and Ethiopian synagogue in America.

The ball is now in McCain's court. How is he going to top that one???

The following is not a very good video of Rabbi Funnye, but it is a video nonetheless....


  1. He could get a bris!

  2. Do you have a source that Funnye had an Orthodox conversion?

  3. it was in the newspaper article I saw (not one I linked to - hard copy), but maybe it was inaccurate...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. OMG, he's reading the Megillat Ester in English!

    I think that the Gemara says that you can read it in Loazit to loazim.

    "The ball is now in McCain's court. How is he going to top that one???"

    He'll probably find some long lost Jewish relative.

  6. Isnt the father of Palin's daughter's unborn baby, named Levi?

  7. Cosmic,

    Maybe his reading Megillat Esther is a way of hinting that he's going to run with (LA governer) Bobby Jindal on a "Hodu v'ad Kush" ticket.

  8. jameel - yes he is, but that does not necessarily make him Jewish (but I do not know if he is or is not).

    yoni - I like it. They deserve a vote just for the concept.

  9. Jameel, Rafi-

    Actually, his name is Levi Johnston. Not really a Jewish name.

  10. He looks like no stranger to kneidlach.


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