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Sep 11, 2008

Those were the days....

Don't you sometimes like to reminisce? Something might evoke some nostalgic feeling of days gone by, or something like that.

I just had that last night.

I remember the days when you would get a birthday card in the mail (or it might even never come but if it would then...) and the envelope would be open and the gift inside would be missing.

That nostalgic memory was evoked last night. I received a birthday card in the mail. Now, instead of just opening the envelope and taking whatever they find, the postal people (I do not know that it was done by postal people in Israel - perhaps postal people abroad are to blame) apologize for damaging the item of mail.

The partly opened envelope had been placed in the following plastic bag with a printed apology on it, apologizing for damaged mail.

Ahh, those were the days when they did not admit in advance that they opened your mail


  1. Ive had the TSA (US Air Transportation security) open my suitcases and break them.

    And I have zero legal recourse against them.

    (Maybe I should have danced for them?)

  2. And so... Did they take the money?

  3. there was no money in that envelope, but when I checked with the sender, they had not put money in it. They sent a different envelope with the dough.


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