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Sep 18, 2008

the train has more Torahs than my shul!

The shul on the train now has more Torah scrolls than my shul does!

The 6:23 train minyan from BS to TA had one. Recently the 8:23 train minyan got a Torah. Now the 7:23 train minyan has one as well!

I got to the station a little late for the party. When I got there they were singing and dancing with the Torah at the end of the platform. They had two guys playing instruments and it was great! The train pulled up and we danced the Torah on. The minyan davened, and read the Torah for the first time on the 7:23 train.

the 7:23 train was the first to have a minyan on it. I used to daven on it when it first started,m but then decided I preferred to daven before going to the train, so now I only daven on the train on rare occasions. Even though this train had the first minyan, it is the last to get a Torah, so the participants were especially elated to finally have one. Binyamin, the donor, has a special zchus.

In the video below, which is a collage of pictures and video from the ceremony and the minyan, you can see Binyamin doing hagbah to to the Torah. You can see the bag used as the aron kodesh. After davening, Binyamin's wife passed out cakes, chips, drinks, Chivas Regal and nuts to make the celebration complete.

Everybody enjoyed, even many people who got on the train in Ramle and Lod and were not part of the party!


  1. Sounds like a good example of an only in Israel moment.

  2. Cool video -

    Where do they keep these Sifrei Torah when they are not in use? Is there a storage place on the train itself, or does someone have to take it home with them and bring it back the following monday / Thursday?

    Love your blog


  3. thanks.

    somebody takes responsibility to carry it with him. The train authorities do not allow it to be stored on the train (insurance problems I guess)...


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