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Sep 17, 2008

Headline of the Day (hotd)

Livni to voters: Choose change, show you're sick of same old politics

---- Ha'aretz

Is Tzippi Livni the Barak Obama of Israel? Is Kadima the equivalent of the Democrat Party (based on the slogan)?
And anyway, how exactly is choosing Livni (which I assume was her point) effecting change? She has been a member and minister (even a senior minister) in the last 3 governments....


  1. if she really is stealing from the us campaigns, thats stupid.

    Ynet reported this morning that Livni went to the Kotel, and Dichter went swimming off Ashdod. Does that make Livni more frum?

  2. I just heard on the radio them talking about the primaries. they said dichter started his day like he does every day - with a swim.

    Livni went to the kotel, but the other day a poll was published from kadima voters who they thought was the most/least connected to Judaism. Livni came in last place of all four candidates.

  3. I used to think Israeli politicians safer than ours because they're Jewish.

  4. I can't believe that Livni got away with extending the time that the ballots were open - that is surely not allowed.
    Despite her claims to be whiter than white, she's as corrupt as the rest of them. Read this article in JPost that shows what dirty tricks she has been up to in this election:


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