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Sep 24, 2008

womens names in the Yated

People are making a very big deal about the fact that the standard haredi newspapers will not be saying the first name, or showing the picture of, Tzipi Livni.

First of all, who cares? This is nothing new. They never show pictures of women and avoid saying their first names. As a matter of fact the readers of Yated and Hamodia will be better off than the rest of us - they will not be forced to look at Livni's smug face every day.

Second point, I find it humorous that in today's Yated, every time it mentioned Mrs. Livni, it showed a picture of Ehud Olmert.

Third point, in the same paper that refuses to mention Tzipi Livni's name, today had an article describing the process of SHimon Peres conveying upon Livni the responsibility of forming the government. In the article, it mentioned Speaker of the Knesset Dalia Itzik. Yes, Dalia Itzik is a woman. Yes, it said her first name as well as her last name.


  1. Why do you feel you have to defend this ridiculous policy?
    OK, I can understand (not agree with, but at leas understand) why they don't want pictures of women. But their first names???? What, every time they hear a name like Tzipora they have unholy thoughts?
    So looking at Olmerts' smug face is infinitely less annoying?

  2. I am not defending it, just saying it is nothing new.

    Olmerts face is no better, but I cna only wonder if she becomes PM, for the next x number of years, will they always show a picture of Olmert when saying her name? I think that is funny...

    Also, I read somewhere something from UTJ MK Litzman who said that it is worse because she calls herself Tzipi which is not her full name (unlike Dalia for example), rather a nickname. Calling her by a nickname makes her seem even more familiar and is therefore more inappropriate...

  3. Just so they don't end up calling her 'Tzadik'... hm, that might be interesting.

  4. kol haomer tzipi tzipi...

  5. If you look on page 41 of Tuesday's yated then in the same article they say Golda Meir but for Tzippy Livni it only says Mrs Livni. I'm wondering if it's when one hears the name Golda they think of their Grandmother but when they hear the name Tzippy..........

  6. Golda was not nearly as glamorous as Livni tries to be. Golda was even more of a man than most of our male prime ministers!

  7. I wonder if there will be a Yated version of the Tanach where all the women's names will be removed. On Purim we will read Megillat Mrs Achashverosh, on Shevuot it will be Megillat Mrs Boaz,
    and we all know that Avraham's wife was Mrs Avraham.

  8. I think this has to do with Ashkenazi attitudes toward Sefardim!



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