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Sep 1, 2008

Tel Aviv: The City that never stops

I work in Ramat Gan, at the edge of Tel Aviv. Despite my proximity to Tel Aviv, and being there five days a week for the past 9 years, I hardly ever have an opportunity to meander through Tel Aviv and see it.

So when I had the opportunity to participate in the Benjamin Netanyahu press conference on Education Reform, I also considered it an opportunity to stroll through Tel Aviv. Metzudat Ze'ev, the Likud HQ named after Ze'ev Jabotinsky, is not too far from where I work, so I chose to walk much of the way and see the sights.

Tel Aviv has always gotten a bad rap as a city. "They" call it dirty, crowded, congested, polluted, etc. I, see a different Tel Aviv. One the few occasions I have had to stroll through, I have taken a liking to it. I am a "city boy". I like the big city. I like Tel Aviv, despite its being overcrowded and polluted. I think it has been cleaned up and modernized in recent years, and the flair of it is amazing.

Here are some of the sights I saw on my 15 minute walk to Metzudat Ze'ev.

A beautiful, tree-lined pedestrian and bicycle street with a quaint atmosphere

The entrance to the famous Dizengoff Square
The Historic building "Metzudat Ze'ev" that serves as Likud HQ.
I passed right by the parking spot of the embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Who knew they even had an embassy here?

Right next door to Metzudat Ze'ev is this "Comic Book" store. I stopped collecting Comic Books when I was about 11, so I did not bother going in, but I did not even know such stores exist in Israel! What is even funnier is that, from the name of it you can see, it is a comics store and a vegetable store. All in one.

And here is a sight you can see in just about every large city... I hope your eyes don't burn out of your head..

I passed right by the large army base known as "The Kirya" which also houses the main offices of the Defense Ministry. The base has been renamed "Rabin Base" in memory of Yitzhak Rabin. After I tool the picture I saw the sign on the other side of the fence that says photographs are prohibited as it is a military zone. Oh well. As you can see from the large sign above the name of the military base, they are having an amnesty program for soldiers who "mistakenly" took home army equipment. They can, for one month, give ti all back anonymously and not face any legal problems because of it.
So there you have it. Another view of Tel Aviv. A beautiful city, even if it is crowded and congested. A city that has character and atmosphere. The city that never stops.


  1. I love Tel Aviv too! thanks for acknowledging.

    I spent many summers visiting family in Tel Aviv and it will always hold a special place in my heart...

  2. Great post! Remember to submit it to the next Jpix carnival!

  3. i read about the amnesty. i can understand uniforms. but how does the army lose track of guns and even a boat?

  4. LOZ - I did not pay attention to the small print with the details, and in the picture it is hard to see because of the folds of the poster. Does it really say boats? How the heck does a soldier sneak a boat off an army base and get it home?

  5. While i'm glad you enjoyed your stroll in Tel Aviv, it is a different story to drive through it! Utterly miserable. Getting to the beach from the Ayalon is a long, frustrating, aggressive shlap through the center of town. Then try to find a place to park!! I can't wait for the light railway, and hope that it is handled by a competent firm who will learn from the fashlas seen in the J'lm light railway experiment.

  6. http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1218710388010&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull


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