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Sep 25, 2008

Would you move to Dothan for $50,000?

I wonder if they would be open to bringing in a kollel of Orthodox Jews to Dothan, Alabama...

An initial subsidy of $50,000 per person could be a nice start for a SEED kollel of some sort... Somehow though, considering the name of the Rabbi is Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith (her husbands name is Rob), I doubt those are the types of Jews they are looking to import...


  1. Hey maybe chabad can take advantage of this, save them some start up costs!

  2. The only Dotan Jews should move to is in the Shomron; the area of Bur Yussef!

  3. RAFI:

    what a waste of money. not only will it not invigorate the community, it will actually rob american jewry of even more jews. it take jews from new york that are likely to marry non-jews to begin with and bring them to an area where they are even more likely to marry non-jews. great idea.
    instead they should invest in a day school for their kids.


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