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Dec 28, 2011

The Angry Charedi Guy

The funniest thing to happen on Twitter, in a very long time, is the recent account opened under the name of Angry Charedi Guy. He is the crazy driver from the video of the news report that spoke about how we are healthy and they are sick and how his rav said they should spit at kids.

Consider this a public service announcement. You will enjoy. It will make your day pass with more smiles.


  1. Smells of a badly disguised hoax.

  2. Rafi S, it's supposed to be a joke. Judging by the guy's accent, it's doubtful he would speak this much English.

  3. Rafi S., you smell of a watered-down brand of Judaism.

  4. According to Kikar, the real "Angry Charedi Guy" now regrets talking to the secular media and says that the majority of his words were heavily edited out of the report. He says that everyone can testify that he's really a nice guy (not "Angry Charedi Guy"). On the other hand, he says that it's important not to apologize to the Hilonim as they are constantly trying to find fault with the Haredim. His conclusion is that he did Hitbodedut and realizes now the power of what one word can do.

  5. i saw that article. I was wondering which one word was the powerful one that did what he hadnt expected.. he said far more than one word...

  6. I agree. It's feathers out of a pillow...
    Unless I missed something, I don't think he even takes back his statement that it's OK to spit at girls, so it's not really an apology for his views - he just regrets saying it to the media.


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