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Dec 25, 2011

More On OROT

It seems there is nothing else important, or maybe I should say interesting rather than important, in the news today.

I think this issue is the main issue of the day. I point to my post from last night and then add two video clips from the morning talk show - one in which Hadassah Margolese talks to them about the issue and the second in which  Mayor Moshe Abutbol responds:

Bet Shemesh Girl From OROT Becomes National Icon

Hadassah Margolese:

Mayor Abutbol:


  1. What is H. Margolese's background? They say that she is a recent immigrant and indeed her English is mother tongue, but she seems to also be 100% fluent in Hebrew. Is she a returning "yoreid", or perhaps her parents are native Israeli yordim?

    It is an interesting aspect of the story that a family returns to Israel and gets such a "warm" reception!

  2. Not knowing her at all, I'd say one or both of her parents is Israeli so she grew up speaking Hebrew. She can hold her own speaking Hebrew and I would say is pretty close to native, but I wouldn't mistake her for a 100% sabra.

  3. And honestly, I'm glad this is finally getting the attention it deserves. I'm glad people are getting mad about this situation, because it should have caused an uproar way back in September. This has been going on for too long, and the biggest scandal is that there haven't been mass arrests and long jail terms for these scum. It's morally despicable that these bugs have been allowed to harass little girls for 4 months.

  4. They have unleashed the wrath of the Israeli man: "Steinitz called on Interior Minister Eli Yishai to demand the immediate removal of signs excluding women from Beit Shemesh’s streets. Steinitz threatened that if the signs were not removed the town’s mayor would be replaced by one appointed by the government."

    Putting Women in the Picture

  5. I am so sick of hearing Abutbol's explanations.

    He has made quite clear where he is holding as does his "dovair" and council member in charge of construction.

    For all of you "moderate" charedim who are sick of the situation..remember that many of you voted for him.

  6. Suggestion:

    Abutbol represents Shas.

    He therefore also represents Rav Ovadia Yosef.

    Seems to me that the best place to demonstrate would be outside of Rav Ovadia Yosef's house.

    Once Rav Ovadia's name is linked to the situation, you can be darn sure Abutbol will be getting some marching orders that he will not be able to talk his way out of or ignore.

  7. shlomo

    back in the days of oslo A, some DLs demonstrated in front of rav ovadia's house. at a certain point, the good rabbi sent his "boys" and they destroyed the demonstration. any demonstration would have to be prepared for that type of violence

  8. Ben:

    I hear your concern, but I think that even a respectful demonstration would do the trick.

    In other words, no need for inflammatory language.

    Rather, just respectfully appeal to him for help in a very public fashion, thereby linking his reputation to the what is now a very unpopular situation.

    I really think it's your best shot. If were in EY, I'd join you.

  9. Not that this helps that much now, but Yoel (a.k.a. Moshe) claims he was twisted.
    It does not justify saying such stupid things, and making a Chilul Hashem, but here's his explanation:


  10. shlomo:

    the claim is that there is no heter in the SA to demonstrate against a gadol b'torah (and they have a point).

    commentator abbi:

    she made aliyah at an early age. old enough to retain a bit of an accent, young enough to be really fluent

  11. Ben:
    Don't demonstrate against him, but FOR him: We know you're such a Chacham and know you're on the side of tzeddek, so please help us . . .


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