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Dec 28, 2011

Picture Of The Day

Picture Of The Day

a mobile menora being driven around town encouraging people to donate..


  1. There is no denying that the Kupa does good work.

    What can be argued, however, is how they try to muscle over Lema'an Achai by claiming 100% Tzedaka and having their Charedi rabbonim ban Lema'an Achai from the shuls.

    They paid for that float, they paid for their banners and flyers and posters and notices in shuls.

    Even if businesses are giving something there is no way that it can cover the enormous cost of their advertising.

    I have no problem with their wanting to advertise..just don't lie by calling it 100% Tzedaka. The tactics that they and their rabbonim use to sway people from giving to Lema'an Achai are disingenuous.

    Between their PR blitzing and promises of salvation they are no different than Kupat Hair, etc.

  2. Their campaign really bothered me this year. They are always in our faces with their signs and flyers, but this year was so much worse. They had the 15 or 20 foot signs all over the neighborhood, they had flyers all over the shuls, thy posted signs all over the place in shuls and buildings, they had brochures they put by every door, and they had that menora being driven around.

    did they really need all that? as if they are competing in a cut-throat market with many competitors?

  3. Dovid Yosef,

    You must understand that ANY competition to them must be treated in a cut-throat fashion.

    If they truly believed that they were there to help people what would it matter who was doing the help?

    I am an early resident of RBSA and I have seen how they morphed from a small dedicated organization into this mammoth domineering cartel that spends ridiculous money for posters, signs, etc. They have paid employees and an office, etc. This is all fine just don't call yourselves 100% Tzedaka!

    My neighbor told me that he wasn't in his 2 days and there was a knock on the door to support the Kupa.

    The other misunderstanding here is that unlike Lema'an Achai which helps anyone anywhere in the Rama the Kupa does not service all of RBSA..only the streets above Nachal Micha. There is a totally different kupa that services Micha and below.


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