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Dec 27, 2011

Praying Like The Chashmonaim

This is the latest advertisement of the Vaad HaRabbonim running in the Yated Neeman... the newest segula is davening like the chashmonaim!

Their people, a group of kohanim, will be praying, "for the first time", in the precise way the kohanim chashmonaim davened 2200 years ago and were saved. I assume this means they know exactly how the chashmonaim davened for success in their upcoming battle against the Greeks and Hellenists.

Since they are davening outside the Kotel in the place that is opposite the kodesh kodoshim, I am not sure how this event is going to be precisely what the chashmonaim did. Did the chashmonaim daven at the Kotel and not in the Bet Hamikdash? Did they really daven outside the wall of the Bet Hamikdash, opposite the kodesh kodoshim, rather than going in? How do they even know what the chashmonaim did - how they davened, where they davened, if they davened, what tefillos they said, etc?


  1. "Did the chashmonaim daven at the Kotel and not in the Bet Hamikdash?"

    What Kotel? Herod wasn't even born until 90 years latwe.

  2. oooooh, good catch., i didnt even think of the actual timeline!

  3. and the greeks ran the Bais hamikdash and were mitameh everything. they probably "davened" in their houses or their caves where they were hiding.

    Here's yet another case of money hungry rabbis controlliung the religion and making more crap up. what's worse, people fall for it and will blindly defend it. Just like avraham wore a spodik.

  4. Where is the Emes?December 27, 2011 6:20 PM

    The amount of advertising spent by tzedaka organizations is almost criminal.

    They all overspend and could better use the money to really help the needy.

    Regarding the 100% tzedaka and "sponsored by"...it's a scam.

    I went this am to Best to ask them how much the banners they sponsored for Kupa cost.

    They said that they didn't pay a penny for the banners, didn't know about them before and are just happy to get free advertising.

    So there goes "sponsors" and 100% tzedaka.

    Why do we let ourselves have the wool pulled over our eyes by these organizations?

  5. These (mostly haredi) organizations are turning Judaism more and more into an embarrassing mix of fiction and superstition. I cringe every time I read something like this.

  6. "... How do they know ..."
    It says in the advertisement. It comes from a Magen Avraham in the name of the Tashbetz.

    I spoke to a respected Rav today and he had heard of this Tashbetz and how the Chashmonaim did it (though we did not speak about whether there is a reason to reenact it today).

    Regardless of the claim's veracity, we must perhaps moderate our voice. Vaad HaRabbanim is nevertheless a tzedaka organization that is doing "זיכוי הרבים" -- and as ר' יהודה החסיד says in ספר חסידים (IIRC), one must be careful before acting against זיכיו הרבים, and must be doubly and triply sure that he is justified, and if not it is better to remain silent. (ולכו' הביאור הוא דשב ועל תעשה עדיף בכל מקום)

    If one disapproves of a given organization he is welcome to support other ones. Just yesterday someone published a list of six or so fine Israeli, non-Chareidi causes, if that's what necessary to be a good cause according to this readership.

  7. (I am also not impressed by the proof of "Where is the Emes" about someone in Best not knowing about the ads. Perhaps someone else in the company did it, perhaps a friend of Best did it for their benefit, perhaps it was done a long time ago and the money was only used now. Also, it stam seems unfair and even agenda-driven to say that the whole "100% tzedakah" claim is a "scam" because of this one informal investigative venture. Let's be honest with ourselves and gentle with our pens.)

  8. Ok wasn't a major part of the story that they didn't just pray, they went out and formed an army and fought. Or are we forgetting the "minor detail"

  9. Aharon,

    After reading Where's post I had a similar feeling to you. As a frequent customer of Best (and Dil V'Zol) I inquired.

    Guess what..I received the same answer.

    They have never paid for such an advertisement.

    It really wouldn't bother me si much other than the fact that the KST uses the 100% and sponsor themes to convince people to give to them over other organizations.

    Such sheker it is quite serious.

  10. The proof is obvious. How do we know Yaakov wore a Kippah. The Pasuk says "Vyetezei Yaakov" --- obviously he wouldn't go anywhere without a Kippah.

    The fact that this group davened the way they did is absolute proof that is the way the Chashmonim did it.

  11. Zach, do you really want them forming an army?

  12. And who paid for the frikkin huge Chaunukiyah that KST was dragging around the neighborhood last night. Would that really inspire people to give, or would all that money be better off being donated straight to the fund.

  13. anon - i have a picture of it going up in a little while...


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