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Dec 18, 2011

Is The True Mount Sinai in Israel? (video)

Is The True Mount Sinai in Israel?

A new discovery about an ancient puzzle raises an old question. Where is the real Mount Sinai?

I have read a few books on the subject, each "proving" a different mountain as the true Mount Sinai. My favorite book on the subject is "The Gold of Exodus" by Howard Blum. Whether he is right or not, it is a great read. Regardless of that, there are numerous theories of which mountain in which desert in which country is the true Mount Sinai.

This specific suggestion is that it is Mount Kharkoum in the south of Israel. The new discovery, in addition to the previous archaeological discoveries, of  is the entrance to a cave that appears to be on fire but not being consumed. The burning bush minus the bush. It is probably just a reflection of the sun on some metallic compound in the dirt, or something like that, but it is an interesting discovery. I personally found more interesting the etching of the menora that is actually like a map pointing to the shape of the mountain range behind it and directing specifically to the point where the "fire" was discovered..

you be the judge...

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