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Dec 22, 2011

The Fedex Delivery Guy is More Interesting Than The Senior VP of Fedex

I find the following videos to tell a fascinating story, both of Internet marketing and also of what holds our interest..

The first video is of a now-famous incident of a Fedex delivery guy. As you can see in the video, the delivery guy walks up to the fence and tosses the package over. No attempt to wait for the gate to be opened, and he did not even ring a doorbell or intercom buzzer! he just tossed it over.

This video created quite a stir as it quickly went viral. Since it was uploaded on December 19, just 3 days ago, it has over 4 million hits! The package was a computer monitor, which broke after it was tossed over the fence.

In response, Fedex management released the following video of a senior Vice President of Fedex talking about the incident, what they have done to fix it and how that is not standard behavior for Fedex representatives. Damage control.

This video has over 4000 hits in the one day it has been up. Multiply that by three, and you don't get anywhere near the 4 million of the original video.

When newspapers print inaccurate headlines that hurt someone, they get seen by tens, hundreds of thousands of people. When they print the retraction or apology, they get placed on some inner corner or page 28 and hardly anybody notices. Maybe the Fedex VP needed to be holding a furry kitten or a laughing baby, and then his video would have gone viral as well.

Only in the world of YouTube and short attention spans is the Fedex delivery guy more interesting and captivating than a senior vice president.

1 comment:

  1. What I want to know is how the FedEx guy delivered the package with no visible labels on it....


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