Dec 19, 2011

Tanya Rosenblit Is The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Yesterday was a crazy day regarding the mehadrin bus issue. A storm erupted over an incident on the Egged #451 bus from Ashdod to Jerusalem the other day. A woman, Tanya Rosenblit, got on the bus and refused to move to the back. While most passengers ignored her, one got on a few stops later and did not like what he saw. After she refused to move, he stood in the door of the bus, causing a 30 minute delay, with Rosenblit holding her ground just as firmly.

People complained, eventually the police were called, Rosenblit continued to refuse to move, and eventually the fellow got off the bus, to show his disapproval, and the bus continued on its way. From what I understand, a number of his buddies also got off in protest, and reports also say that passengers at stops further along the route were told not to board the bus.

While there has been talk of provoking responses, of riding buses just to find the idiot who would put up a fight and all that, so far none of the incidents have been successful in creating the ruckus. Until Rosenblit, Rosenblit herself might have become the Israeli Rosa Parks. The entire country was in a tizzy yesterday about this case. It was discussed in the Knesset, by the Prime Minister, on all the news sites and media, as if nothing else was happening in the country.

Those supporting the mehadrin lines eventually responded claiming she did more than just sit there. they said she had touched men as they walked by (brushing their arms as if accidentally), had threatened to sing loudly, had threatened to disrobe (Rosenblit denies touching anyone and says threats she made were only after the fact in the heat of the argument, not the cause of it).

Today it was announced that the haredi community plans to re-establish the haredi lines they used to operate. Supposedly, 72 million shekels has been donated by some haredi philanthropists for the establishment of these bus lines, and along with the mehadrin method of operation, tzedaka boxes will be placed on the buses (front and back) so passengers can donate for their continued operation. In Bet Shemesh the private mehadrin bus lines have been operating for years, and there is no reason it should not work in other places as well (in general the haredi community of Bet Shemesh seems far more unified and organized than haredi communities elsewhere)

Was Tanya Rosenblit the straw that broke the back of Israeli society on this issue?


  1. Private busses are the only reasonable solution for people who refuse to ride on mixed busses, although if the busses require tzdaka to support them, it sounds like they can't even rely on the Charedi Community to ride on the buses and pay regular fares.

    Also seems like a strange way to spend one's Tzdaka budget - supporting a private business with a bad business model, but if someone wants to spend his money that way, that's his business.

  2. The question that has to be asked is, is this a wise use of the limited money available to the Charedi community? Considering that much of the Charedi population lives in poverty and the average person is bombarded with tzedaka campaigns, might this 72 million shekels be spent on something more worthwhile? Take a look at my post The real cost of mehadrin standards

  3. Bluke made my point. Many haredi community behaviors and reactions have gotten so foolish as to be outside the realm of what our sages taught. So, better to start halachicly unnecessary bus lines, than to better feed the poor or better educate those in need?

    Consider the recent breast cancer pamphlet printed by Meuhedet. Apparently for reasons of tzniut (as held by some of the clients) this potentially life-saving pamphlet never mentions breast cancer by name, and has no instructions for the absolutely vital 'self checks' that every couple in the Western world learn to do. If even one extra Israeli woman dies because of breast cancer, I say it is partly the fault of a haredi society whose misplaced and misguided and misinformed approach to humrot is creating a religious subculture our fathers (we don't mention mothers) never knew!

    This isn't piety and kirvat e-lohim; it is hasidut shel shtut!

  4. We have all the Halachos of "hefsed meruba" and the klal of "Hatorah chas al mamonam shel Yisrael" - these are all given in the Gemara as reasons to be Meikil. What made these individuals more stringent than the Tana'im and Amora'im??? They are Chasidim Shotim!!!

  5. this is far cheaper than paying for using a generator to have kosher electricity. someone who sees this as necessary will prioritize it.

  6. I agree with much of what is said, but I need to point out that I live in the Western world and have never received a pamphlet in the mail about breast cancer.

    There are many avenues used by the general and frum world, such as doctors, women's gathering, and mikvaos.

    I am all for awareness, but there is no reason why thousands of diagrams of breasts need to mailed out to every household on an insurance plan.

  7. it isn't only this issue. the tzohar bill seems to be going through the government. the chareidi backed rabbinate had to give in on shmitta. the chareidim lost the shabbat fights over the last few years (intel, parking lot). the DLs in BS finally got their back up and resisted the fanatics at the school. what big victories have they had lately?

  8. Funny, the whole thing was fabricated by Ms. Rosenblit just to get a story.
    She admitted so yesterday and the bus driver verified the truth.
    But the truth wont have an impact nearly as great as the Charaidi bashing that's much more enjoyable.


  10. is this link supposed to show how she made it all up? I dont see that anywhere in the article. I see that there are different versions of how it started, with the men accusing her of provoking it and she denying it.

  11. Some Jews Lack the Emotional Maturity to Live in Israel via


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