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Dec 28, 2011

How The Jews Stole Christmas (video)

How The Jews Stole Christmas

Somebody sent me this craziness...


  1. Doesn't he have a point though? Aren't Non observant Jews at the forefront of those trying to remove religious symbols including chanukiyot from public spaces in America?

  2. I didnt catch that. I thought he was talking about chabad that tries to put their menora everywhere, and anywhere that says no to chabad gets taken to court and they get forced to remove the tree

  3. Another self hating meshumad

  4. That was half of his point - that Jews never get their symbols banned. The other half was he says the Jews always try to have Christian symbols removed. He would have a point if that were true, but he draws that conclusion from one example - a Jewish lawyer working for the ACLU, and from there, he equates everything that organization does to be a Jewish thing. That's where he's wrong.

    In this week's Mishpacha,one of the opinion journalists makes a similar comment about the problem with Jews complaining too loudly about Christian symbols in public. A non-Orthodox clergyman named Joshua Hammerman has expressed concern about Tebowing being the forerunner to radical Christianity, if say, Denver wins the Superbowl. It's an interesting read.

  5. Yes, he is a meshumad according to various sources on the 'net.


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