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Dec 30, 2011

Kiddush Club - Kol Ish

Kiddush Club - Kol Ish

For all you kiddush club people out there..

I don't know why they put the scene in at 3:20 of someone taking money out of the building fund box. It only turns a funny and perhaps reckless activity and has made it look sinister and evil. Or maybe that was the intention.


  1. I have to disagree with you. The idealization of alcohol in the frum community in the US among youngsters has gotten out of hand.

    Alcoholics would not stop at the thought of taking money out of a tzedaka box in order to fill their need for alcohol.

  2. Every time I see these guys, I cringe. Not that there voices are bad - they have great voices. There material is just way over-the-top inappropriate.

    I saw them perform live at a wedding singing "Can you feel the love tonight?" at a Huppah, which the Hatan and Kallah may have felt was appropriate, but I sure didn't.

    Then, with their "Just Had Chametz". I don't think I ever banned a Jewish song being sung in my house before that one.

    And this one, I have no words for.

  3. I think this is Horrible

  4. I think it was totally their intention to bring to life the quiet issues that happen in communities all over thr world. Yaak- I think you've lost your sense of humor. These guys do parodies just like any comedian on Saturday Night Live. Parodies are designed to make fun of real life issues and truths that are sometimes hard to discuss. When watching parodies, the viewer should know what the intention is. This has been made clear in this video that Kiddush Clubs have gotten out of control and that it's apparent to many people globally. What's wrong at laughing every once in a while?

  5. Clever lyrics, great parody!

  6. SInging a song which you perceived to be inappropriate at a wedding is fine, because Kol Ish didn't choose it; the Chatan and Kallah did.

  7. Samuel,

    OK, I found my words for it.

    I love parody, but this is not it.

    There's a huge difference between a parody and an over-the-top parody-wannabe that promotes bad behavior. Their songs remind me of the jack*** movies, which have spawned copy-cat antics with devastating consequences, as life often imitates art.

    Futhermore, the end of the video tells people to be responsible, but does not tell people to avoid Kiddush Clubs. Their intent does not seem to be to tell people to avoid it. Aderaba, to skip most of davening, get plastered, and steal from the building fund while doing it. This is so over-the-top that I'm not laughing, and neither should anyone.

    Take the "Just Had Hametz" video which promotes Issurei Karet. Yes, they put a similar statement at the end of that video, but when the computer is off, do you remember the end-of-video statement or do you hum the tune in your head? "Just had Hametz and it felt so good." A catchy tune. Yeah, that's the tune I want playing in my 14-year-old's head during Pesah. Not.

    The same with this video. I don't want my 14-year-old humming along with this one either. It's dangerous for Jewish society, and parody way overboard.

  8. @yaak lighting your genitals on fire = eating chametz on pesach??
    sounds like a stretch...

  9. Not equating, just comparing respective ideas how art that promotes negative behavior can be imitated.

  10. Gut Yor!
    As a UMD alum, and friend of the singers in this group, I have heard Kol Ish perform dozens of times and I think that yaak's assessment is quite off. The group's concerts feature a nice variety of song choices (Jewish, English, Parody). While he is harping on all the "negative" he is missing out on their soulful yiddishe songs- check out their related videos. Yaak, I am sorry, but if you are getting the message of eating Chametz on Pesach, and drinking scotch from a shofar (oy they might carry it to shul!) then maybe you need to take a step back and rethink your internet use. There is a lot of content out there and you can't assume that everything Jewish is going to be 100% in sync with your hashkafa. I am not saying this video should be paraded on koshernet, and for many it might have a PG-13 rating, but it is definitely something that many can appreciate. Furthermore, having been to Kiddush Club with these guys(Kiddush Club is after shul at Maryland), I can safely say they support it in moderation. In just four days, there are already thousands of people laughing at the over-the-top hilarity, with only a couple of haters.

  11. D.Z.,

    Yes, I am harping on the negative, and perhaps, unfairly. I have already seen some of their other videos, which are very nice. I certainly don't mean to cause any loss of parnassa for the group. I come with constructive criticism - not destructive.

    I was commenting on a post that contained a video which I consider negative for society. It has nothing to do with my own internet use. I certainly am not going to be influenced by such negative videos. I concern myself with Jewish society at large, who undoubtedly will be. I think the video is hilarious too. If I were a teenager or a 20-somethinger, I would love it. And that is exactly the problem.


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