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Dec 27, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu Among 19 Smartest People In World

We all knew Bibi, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, was smart.. but did you know that Bibi is one of the 19 smartest people in the world.. with an IQ of 180!!!!???

According to Business Insider Magazine, a study of the smartest people in the world places our prime minister in the list of the 19 smartest people..

I am not quite sure what one is supposed to do with this information, regarding anybody on this list. Smart is not an accomplishment. Smart is a natural gift. The person then has to cultivate it and maximize his efforts based on his or her unique capabilities.


  1. Actually, just to be picky, I think 'smart' is indeed acquired. Look at common terms like 'street smarts' vs 'book smarts'. These refer to wisdom which has developed out of a particular sort of experience.

    Psychological tests measure 'intelligence'. That is what refers to certain latent cognitive abilities, whether they are well-developed or not (and ignoring the argument that many tests are culture-biased).

    So Bibi's high IQ is an indicator mostly of native ability, though some development and application is required to be able to respond to a test.

  2. What I find interesting is that usually this raw talent makes one into a thinker in a field's ivory tower. The business smarts to work with (or work over) people is another capacity, otherwise he couldn't have worked his way in the political arena.

  3. Where did they get their info from? I've been googling this and I can't figure out how they decide who to put on the list and how smart they are.


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