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Dec 26, 2011

Second Temple Purity Signet Discovered Under Kotel Area

After a recent string of fascinating archaeological discoveries dating to the Second Temple period, the digs at the City of David in the underground continue to produce amazing finds.

Yesterday a new amazing find was announced. This one is even very timely. The discovery was of a small signet, about the size of a button, upon which was engrave two words in Aramaic that mean "Pure to Him" - tahor lo - and in the original, "d'chee leih". The analysis is that this signet was used to authorize the purity of objects and food being brought into the Temple area - Har HaBayit.

The discovery, like the other before it, was from under Robinson's Arch along what was a Herodian street dated back to the 1st century BCE.

In addition to the signet, other discoveries include oil candles, ceramic pots, along with oil and spice holders and coins.

Considering the story of Hanukkah, where a small flask of oil was discovered with the priestly stamp of being pure, this signet is a very timely discovery and especially fascinating.

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