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Dec 14, 2011

Picture Of The Day

Picture of the Day

Crazies in Mea Shearim protest the return of Egged buses to the neighborhood. Some stood in the road blocking the buses from driving, and some brought babies in baby strollers.. 2 men were arrested.


  1. That is a truly bizarre photo. First off, the buildings reflected in the bus window are so prominent that they look like the backdrop, which makes the bus look like some sort of golf cart.

    Then you look down and see a stroller turned over, which normally evokes "emergency - kid hurt", but not only is no one alarmed, it's clear the guy turned over the stroller on purpose. (Could it be an anti-stroller protest??)

    This photo is like a cross between M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali - very disorienting!

  2. I don't understand - I thought baby strollers were assur...

  3. The baby was being punished for wearing pink and purple instead of all black.

  4. Avi - LOL.. its a dark stroller so it is ok... kid is wearing purple pants though...

  5. And the guy with the long peyos left his pocketbook in the street. Weird.


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