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Dec 13, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

Any discrimination.. is a grave error and must be repaired quickly...Recently the issue of the removal of women [from the public sphere] or the prohibition of women singing in public places has arisen. We cannot turn public places into sources that appear to be discriminatory that contradict our values...
If a man does not want to get on a bus [because there are women] - he does not have to get on it. Nobody is forcing him. But no man has permission to force a woman to sit in a place he decides....

   -- President of Israel Shimon Peres


  1. What's wrong (or hypocritical) with this statement is the second quote:

    "If someone doesn't want to get on a bus with a woman on it - that is his choice..."

    And yet the whole recent uproar in the press started with soldiers who did just that - they tried to personally avoid a performance they felt was immodest - and were punished and then pilloried and vilified for it. In the name of "not pushing women out of the public sphere" we have leaders calling to force religious men to participate in events violating their sense of modesty, and even calls to force full integration of girls in the army, maybe even against wishes of the girls!

    So, Mr. Peres, are you for personal choices or against?

  2. to be fair, there is a big difference between the private arena where a person can choose to take a particular bus or not and between the army where a soldier must do as he is told.


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