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Dec 19, 2011

Bringing The Kotel To You

This is amazing. I am surprised it did not get wider press, and that it did not generate protests.

Discovery Times Square, in New York, just opened a new exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The exhibition will be running for 2 weeks. As part of the exhibition, visitors will be able to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, along with  over 500 artifacts (they say these artifacts were never before on display) from biblical times in the Holy Land.

The most interesting part of the exhibit, I think, is, in their words, "an actual stone from the Western Wall from the Second Temple in Jerusalem" and visitors will experience it azoi "Place your prayer on an actual 3-ton stone from the Holy Land's Western Wall"..

Whoa... they took a stone out of the Kotel? Where is the big hole in the wall? How did they transport a 3-ton stone from the Western Wall? From what I understand, the stone is not actually from the Western Wall itself, but was part of the southern wall excavations.

Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times from Discovery Times Square on Vimeo.

For those of you that the "kotel kam" was not enough, now we bring the Kotel to you! I think Discovery Times Square should arrange, or allow someone to arrange, minyanim at the Kotel in new York. People will be able to say "I davened at the kotel" even when in New York, and not mean that they davened at home!


  1. This could well be one of the stones from the Ophel excavation that were originally part of the Kotel, but were torn from their place at the time of the Churban. There are a number of such stones that can be seen when touring the area.

  2. I actually went to the exhibit a few weeks ago and it was really amazing. although I found it very interesting how different our religion is now from what it was then.


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