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Dec 26, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

In Judaism there is gender-segregation. period. Also in the Beis HaMikdash there was gender-segregation. Since then you can look and you will always find the sealed mechitza in every place. The woman can look at the men, but not the opposite. That is the way it is also on the bus.
In the general sector they also know who chases who, and who has all sorts of desires. Chazal determined that there is no prohibition for a woman to look at a man but there is a prohibition for a man to look at a strange woman. Do you know that by us, in Judaism, the man has to give a gift to his wife every holiday? By us the wife is called a queen in the house....
Every haredi woman enjoys sitting in the back, among the women, and talk about womanly issues, and not to sit among the men and keep their mouths shut. In the back section of the bus it is comfortable for her. Woman have their own topics of discussion: the kitchen, the home, raising kids. That is natural. If men would birth children maybe things would be different.
And don't pay attention to all sorts of "Haredonim" and "Haredi-Lite" that are on Facebook and the Internet...
We want to live  in our own ghettos, in our own neighborhoods, in separate buses. Where there is no gender-segregation it is not Judaism. Sometimes the bus goes in reverse, and then the women are sitting in front.

  -- Rabbi Mordechai Bloi, head of the Mishmeret Tzniyus, in interview to NRG


  1. So being a moron is no barrier to getting semicha. That's nothing new.

  2. It seems to me that either they are completely ignorant of Pirkey Avos, or they hold like those that Pirkey Avos is merely a suggestion or good advice and not binding, b/c they are not holding by anything written there...(except for not speaking to women)...

  3. he and his kind can segregate woman all they want.

    let them buy transportation and run a privately run segregated bus line.

  4. That only mentions the "bus" and the "shul". It does not refer to streets, stores, clothing, etc, that the kanoim are rioting about. In the Galus (which Israel is still apart of until Moshiach arrives) everyone has to get along. The religious Jews learned how to behave with sechel for hundreds and hudred of years and in many many contries.

    Why the difference in EY? Is it because they are among their own? There should be no difference, they should behave the same way as when they were in all those countries. They didn't fight with the non-Jews about their 'dress', they just avoided and ignored them. The same applies here.

    Hashem values Shalom Beit more than the way they are behaving. That's how I feel.

  5. That last line is the best! ROFL!

  6. I'd love to see what he buys his wife for her birthday....


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