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Dec 21, 2011

Is The Bet Shemesh Train Minyan Guilty Of Gender Segregation?

Channel 10 news picked up on an incident where someone in the minyan no the train from Bet Shemesh to Tel Aviv asked a woman if she would not mind moving to the next car as that car is a the shul.

In the video you see it is only one person, and he even gets shouted down and other people say this is a train, not a shul and she can sit wherever she wants.

Yet the media, looking to make a news story of "hadrat nashim" - the removal of women - where there is no story, make it sound as if this is a regular occurence on this train minyan. It is not. I have personally been in the minyan a number of times and fairly regularly there are a few women who sit in this car and nobody asks them to move. I don't know why they want to sit in this specific car, as it is noisy with the services, people are moving around a lot, and whatnot, but they want to sit there and nobody bothers them.

Here is the Channel 10 News Report. You be the judge:


  1. Ch. 10 looks to be trying to manufacture stories. The morning show w/ Guy and Orly have them both wearing t-shirts that say ברוך שעשני אישה.

  2. This is THE hot story right now. You can't blame the news outlet for scrambling to find something to report. However, you can blame the moron on the train who did that while being videoed.

    But that's really what the story, and the issue, is. It's about the small minority of fanatics who are ruining it for everyone.

  3. it looks to me like the camera was hidden. he probably didnt know he was being video'ed

  4. Even if true, doesn't really change my point.

  5. I just love how it's an American guy telling the idiot to shut and that she can sit wherever she wants.

  6. 1. Just goes to show how the Chilonim are scared to death of all religious people, datiim included.

    2. You don't have to tell the provocateur that this is a shul... you can just suggest that she would feel more comfortable elsewhere.
    If not - ignore her.
    she'll find something better to do within several days.

    3. Micky Gitzin (interviewed in the article) shows what a moron he is... 'The whole purpose is to remove the women from the public sector'.
    Oh, come on... how stupid can you be?
    אויל כי יחריש לחכם יחשב

    see ya tomorrow on the minyan express.

  7. The funny thing about the title... EVERY Orthodox minyan is guilty of gender segregation.

    I'm guessing it's a matter of time before a court somewhere (probaly in Europe) rules that anti-discrimination laws trump freedom of religion, rendering Orthodox minyans "illegal".

  8. Just for the record, it's "hadarat nashim," not "hadrat nashim" (which is a good thing.)

  9. Who the heck cares what the person ASKED her to do? Maybe she was sitting right next to him? Maybe she was in his line of sight? Maybe maybe maybe... who are we to judge and if he asked nicely then what is the big deal?


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