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Jul 30, 2012

Bitachon After The Fact In Bnei Braq

MK Yisroel Eichler is complaining about the Home Front not preparing gas masks for men with beards. I don't know the feasibility of such a thing, as people's beards can be so different, whether wide and bushy, or very long or very wild, that i can see it being very difficult to make a mask that will include a persons beard with risking the breaking of the seal.

However, if it is possible, of course it should be done. it is not like people with beards are uncommon in Israel.

What is more interesting is his complaint that gas masks are not being distributed in Bnei Braq.
(source: Ladaat)

This reminded me of the way they brag after any time of danger and bring up the old promise of the Steipler that rockets and missiles will never fall in bnei Braq, because they are protected by the Torah. Rav Chaim Kanievsky, the Steipler's son, was quoted during the Gulf War as sayign that there is no need to use gas masks, let alone to cut off one's beard for the fitting of the gas mask, because gas masks are not needed in bnei Braq due to the promise of the Steipler.

Of course they must prepare and get gas masks, and do their hishtadlus. Just wondering if bitachon is only to be expressed after the fact or even in advance. if one professes to have that level of bitachon that gas masks are not necessary, that bitachon is not being expressed when it comes in the form of bragging after the fact that it was not needed. the bitachon is expressed in advance by saying we will not need it.
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  1. You could also ask why Chareidim near the borders go running after the rockets start flying too.
    It's one thing to spout all that stuff about bitachon but when your religion is one of rote without any real underlying belief, it doesn't support one much.

  2. Regarding gas masks and beards: a bearded person has basically two choices. They can shave the beard to accommodate a mask at the time of need; or they can acquire a larger, more cumbersome device which is essentially a hood that would cover the head and neck, enclosing the beard. If they have a very short beard, a regular mask *may* work. If they have a longer beard, a mask will not seal. At least, I wouldn't bet my life on it! I go through a similar choice process every year since we have to be fit-checked for airborne pathogen barrier masks each year for work.

  3. If I remember correctly, the hood was distributed to bearded men during the Gulf War. I remember then, there was also an issue for bearded secular men, who were not being given the option of having the hood. I in fact belong to a group, who also have problem. People like myself who are very short sighted, and require eye glasses. Obviously we need to take ouR glasses off to put on the mask, and then we can't see a thing, and in the event of an emergency are at the mercy of others. Other possibilites such as prescription lenses or the hood for my group have been ruled out.
    One other thing. Who said no missiles fell in Bnei Brak? My friend in Bnei Brak, told me that next to his Shul, a missile fell right outside, and he was on the ground right next to it.
    I cannot fathom the idea, that no need to worry, because of keusha, we are protected. How many chareidim have been killed in terrorist attacks, example no 18 bus in Jerusalem, another incident at Beit Yisrael, and others? Also Beit Chabad in Mombay.

    1. Charedim and tsadikim ever have been killed.
      They were killed in destruction of two Beit Hamikdash, cruzades, inquisition, medieval anti-semitism, progroms, shoa, ...
      Charedim like chilonim are the same thing to Hashem.

  4. the quote was not that haredim would not be killed or harmed but that missiles would not fall in bnei braq


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