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Jul 16, 2012

Quote of The Day

Quote of The Day

We cannot accept any decisions that will destroy the Torah world. 
It is not easy, and we are paying a price for it. The prime minister is regularly attacked for having sold himself to the haredim. They made an entire campaign on his back, all the possible political opponents of his, from every direction. I too have personally paid a price for this, this month at the Keshev Committee. The media painted me as someone who does what the haredim want..
We look for agreements. That is our way. Therefore, I think that in this issue as well, you mentioned the Arrangements Law regarding building outposts - it is the same thing here. There are issues involved that are not at all simple. This is the future of the Torah world. The Torah world is a great achievement of the country.
I dont agree with everything in the Haredi Torah world. I represent a different ideological movement in the Torah world. I consider myself as part of the Religious Zionists. The ideological arguments between them are on the side/ This is the Torah world and that is the Torah world. We cannot make decisions whose ramifications will be harming the Torah world. 
The Torah world established in Israel is one of the greatest achievements of the State of Israel, and of the Jewish people in the past tens of years. We cannot do anything that would destroy that. We need to move forward with our truth, even if the media will in the end attack us and our political opponents will attack us..

  -- MK Zeev Elkin

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