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Jul 26, 2012

'Rabbi Herman Rosensuk' aka ''SchlomoBagelbaum' is MUSLIM pretending to be ''jewish'' (video)

'Rabbi Herman Rosensuk' aka ''SchlomoBagelbaum' is MUSLIM pretending to be ''jewish''

this guy is just weird... best part is when he says, "Sir, I am reasonable"...

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1 comment:

  1. his main fake channel 'rabbi herman rosensuk' is still on youtube,,,

    But his another troll chnnel Shlomo Bagelbaum been suspended,,..

    And now hes created another troll false''jewish'' channel
    Mark Goldburgstein,,

    He has many other false 'jewish' channels,,
    On this new video are all his new troll channels


    despite everybody knows this troll is not jewish (never ever was jewish most of his false channels are still visible on youtube,,

    He posts very provocative antisemitic lies about judaism and jews,,,,,Probably AntiJewTube itself is behind these antisemitic channels..Its not any secret that yt admin are against Jews..

    Please report at least his main channel



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