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Jul 25, 2012

Eida Puts Mahane Yehuda Shuk Off-Limits For August Evenings

As the Baale-Basta festival is set to begin for the summer evenings, with performers and events happening in the Mahane Yehuda shuk, the Eida is calling for people to avoid going to Mahane Yehuda in the evening hours after 5 PM, between 13 Av (August 1) and 13 Elul (August 31).

On the one hand the pashkevil placed by the Eida declares that because there are alternatives (one can buy in a store rather than the shuk), it is prohibited to go to Mahane Yehuda, while on the other hand they only say that people who can should avoid Mahane yehuda and not go there to buy. So if it is assur or just recommended, I am not sure.

The problem with the Baale-Basta, as per the pashkevil, is that they are hosting events with the worst kinds of pritzus. I must say, these guys have little imagination if some musicians performing and women wearing short sleeves and jeans is the worst pritzus possible... Anyways the women come dressed like that on any given day of the year, so the only thing different is that there will be music. Perhaps there will be women singing, which is a legitimate problem. The Eida call to avoid the shuk after 5 PM is, I think, even reasonable. They didnt boycott the shuk, as I would have expected. Just saying that after 5 the atmosphere is not one people from the haredi community want to be exposed to.

the question I have is what happened to the idea  of opening a new mehadrin shuk in a different part of Jerusalem? When the Baale-Basta festival began last summer, the Haredi reps decided they would work towards opening a new shuk, so the haredim would not have to deal with these performances and conflicts. They even announced at some point that they had located an appropriate property for their new shuk.

It is a whole year later and still no mehadrin shuk...

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