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Jul 30, 2012

Matisyahu Performs "Sunshine" (video)

Matisyahu Performs "Sunshine"

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  1. I'm curious why you posted this.

    - is it because he is Jewish, then why don't you post songs from anyone jewish?
    - is it because he is religious? hard to believe he is still religious, sorry.
    - is it because he once was frum and now he isn't? Well that's just silly.
    - is it because its a great song? Well that's true, it is, but then why not start posting other great songs? Like some of the top Billboard hits of the last week?
    - is it because its a great song from a jewish performer? Well, why not Maroon 5 songs? Adam Levine is jewish.... (not like i like Maroon 5, just trying to make a point).

    I fear you are automatically posting matisyahu songs, which was cool when he was frum, but now it makes me sad to see him like this. It is a great song, and maybe ill download it from itunes, but still... why is it relevant to "Life in Israel"?

  2. Matisyahu and his process still intrigues me. right now he is not wearing a kipa, but I dont see this as the end of his story. to me he is not [yet] just another Jewish celebrity like Bob Dylan, Billy Joel or thousands of others. His story still has a special sense of intrigue and interest for me.

    and I enjoyed the song a lot and dont really need a reason why I feel like posting one thing and not another.

  3. and another point that was pointed out to me - at the 3:32 minute marker you will see his son in a large kipa calling out "daddy" while he is crowdsurfing..


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