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Jul 23, 2012

SHAS Withdraws Opposition to Hesder Arrangement

As reported last week, after the Plesner Committee disbanded and its recommendations were rejected, Shas worked to thwart a resolution for the hesder yeshivot. The DL came up with an easy solution that would separate the yeshivot hesder from the general yeshiva system, thus allowing the hesder yeshivot to remain open and not be dependent on any new law replacing the TAL law, or suffering due to the lack of a replacement law. SHAS announced that they opposed the solution, and they considered it unacceptable to find a solution for some Torah learners while others still have to worry about their future.

In the ministerial committee's discussion yesterday about the appeal to the proposal, SHAS decided to withdraw their opposition.

According to this report on Srugim, SHAS realized that HaBayit HaYehudi had a majority of votes supporting their proposal and the opposition by SHAS was going to fail. SHAS withdrew its opposition, thus paving the way for what is expected to be quick legislation to get this resolved before the Knesset disbands for vacation.

I am not sure why they withdraw their opposition just because in a vote they would lose - is there a law saying votes must be unanimous? does it look bad to lose a vote? If they really oppose it on principle, why not continue opposing it even if it would not succeed in preventing the law? Isnt that what principles are? However, since the initial opposition seemed more like vengeance and pettiness rather than idealed principles, the withdrawal of the opposition is welcome.

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