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Jul 26, 2012

Quote Of the Day

today will be a double quote of the day, from both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister talking about the upcoming tax hikes.

Quote Of the Day

Even after the steps that we will take, the families in Israel, the middle class and the weak sectors, will end up with more money in their pockets.. I remind you that within a few days we are bringing forward the law of free education from the age of 3 - hundreds of thousands of families will save 800 NIS per month. We brought tax credits worth up to hundreds of shekels a month for working families that went into effect in January 2012. We already brought about a serious reduction in cellular phone bill prices, and we brought about free dental care for children up to the age of 12. This is a major change that in the end will have most citizens of Israel with more money in their pockets.

  -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

We are here to protect the economy of Israel. We see what happened in the USA, in England, in Spain, and Greece, and we won't allow that to happen here. The most important social thing is, in addition to all the steps that we have taken during the past 3 years, in that instead of creating 160,000 jobs, the economy flourished and we were able to create 330,000 jobs. twice the norm.

 -- Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz

"כדי להמשיך ולשמור על כלכלת ישראל ועל אזרחי ישראל קבענו יעד גירעון ריאלי. אנחנו צריכים לעשות כל מאמץ ולנקוט בכל הצעדים כדי לעמוד בו, כולל החלטות לא פופולאריות, ואת זה אנחנו עושים כאן ועכשיו בשבוע הבא, כדי לשדר לכל העולם, לאחר שראינו גם את אזהרת הדירוג לגרמניה – אנחנו רציניים, אנחנו אחראיים, אנחנו נמשיך להגן על כלכלת ישראל ועל אזרחי ישראל מהמשבר

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