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Jul 25, 2012

Unique Israel Program for Twentysomething in Tzfat

Since 1980 the “Livnot U’Lehibanot” – To Build and Be Built – Israel Experience Program has been offering opportunities for young Jewish adults to explore Israel through hiking, volunteering, archaeological excavations, experiential seminars and workshops with local artists and scholars. Programs run as one-week post-Birthright extension options as well as four-week Israel Experience alternatives. Each program involves intensive encounters with Israeli life, the people, the Land and Judaism.

Livnot gives participants the opportunity to grapple with different issues and questions about Jewish history, beliefs and philosophies as well as to explore Israel’s place in the Jewish World. The goal of Livnot is to provide participants aged 21 - 30 with an open environment in which they can delve into different aspects of Judaism while experiencing an immersive living experience within a Jewish community.

Livnot is not a “religious” program. It presents different aspects of Jewish beliefs and ways of life that allow each person to consider their own connection to their Jewish heritage and to the Jewish World.

Some recent quotes from Summer 2012:

“I felt as though I learned more about myself and Judaism by doing Livnot after Birthright then I had my entire life growing up in the states. It's an atmosphere of where they encourage questions, candor, and discovery. Best of all, what you find through the program is totally up to you, whether you're looking for a week packed with hiking and cave exploring, or to dive into the spirituality that is Tzfat!” J.L.

“I’m here in Tzfat now with Livnot. For a post-Birthright program, or for a way to spend a month in Israel wisely, Livnot is definitely the way to go. Amazingly talented and dedicated staff, great people. We just got back from an overnight hike in the desert it was incredible.” S.K.

“As far as extension programs go, Livnot was absolutely amazing. I got to enjoy the benefits of a program without feeling suffocated, and it was more than just sight-seeing. My week there was definitely one of the high points for my trip.” J.E.

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