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Jul 25, 2012

Syrian Border Is The New Hot Tourist Spot

With summer vacation upon us, you can consider this post to be a public service announcement. You can either think it is a great idea, and try to incorporate it into your upcoming vacation plans for hiking through the Golan Heights, or you can think it is absolutely insane and stay as far away as possible.

According to this report in The Times of Israel, the hot tourist attraction up north is the border with Syria. Tourists are going to the area of the border so they can hear, and sometimes even get a glimpse of, the fighting on the other side of the border between the Syrian government and the rebels.

It all started when images were released of Defense Minister Ehud Barak watching the fighting from a location in the Golan. After that, people started flocking to the border area to try to get a glimpse..

This is definitely something I would consider doing...

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  1. An ongoing war should not be a tourist attraction.

  2. This is one tourist spot for the most adventurous people. I guess this ranks with tourist who still loves to go to volcanoes on the verge of erupting or to jungles with venomous wildlife living there.


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