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Jul 29, 2012

Israel's Justification In Meeting with Romney

The Prime Minister's office and various spokespeople in the Foreign Ministry and others have been putting out statements defending, and perhaps justifying, the welcoming of Republican candidate Mitt Romney to Israel and for having meetings with him. The need to justify and defend these meetings is so that it will not appear as if t Israel is "meddling" in internal US elections, nor taking sides or showing preferences.

The statements being put out mostly consist of saying that we welcome Republican candidate Mitt Romney to Israel and are meeting with him just like we met with the Democrat candidate 4 years ago when he visited Israel during his campaign.

I think a better statement to release would have been something to the effect of "We welcome the visit of Republican candidate Mitt Romney and will be meeting with him, just as we would have met with the Democrat candidate if he would have chosen to visit Israel"..

v'hameivin yavin...

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1 comment:

  1. I hope Bibi got an iron clad promise, that if elected he will release immediately unconditionally Jonathan Pollard. TO be honest, Romney scares me, mostly because he is a Mormon, but also because his foreign policy advisor is Ian Brizinisky, son of Zbigniew who was the famous security adviser to......Jimmy Carter!!!


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