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Jul 16, 2012

Supermarket Gives Billboard For Pollard Campign

Tzalash, as we say in Hebrew, or kudos, to the supermarket Zol Ub'Gadol and Isracard. (Tzalash is an acronym for "Tziyun L'Shvach", commonly referred to an army citation for success, but also commonly used to praise someone for a job well done).

The two had rented out a giant billboard for a joint advertising campaign at the entrance to Jerusalem. When approached by Esther Pollard and the organization working n the campaign to obtain Jonathan Pollard's release and asked to relinquish the billboard for a day next week on behalf of the campaign, they did so to do their part in helping Jonathan possibly get freed.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be coming to Israel next week for a short visit. The huge billboard, right at the entrance to Jerusalem, will be right in her line of sight as she enters the city on her visit. Instead of having a billboard for a supermarket, on display will be a billboard calling for Jonathan Pollard's release.
(source: Kikar)

Hopefully Clinton will see the sign and be swayed to exert her influence on the matter.

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1 comment:

  1. I really hope it doesn't work. Not that I hope that Pollard won't be released, but I hope that decisions at this level aren't influenced by billboards.


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