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Jul 16, 2012

Crazy Man In The Lishkat Giyus (video)

Crazy Man In The Lishkat Giyus

This is strange. This haredi fellow went into the Lishkat Giyus, the draft board offices, wrapped in his tallis. he sat on the floor and then curled up. Interestingly, barely anyone paid him any attention. Eventually he was removed form the premises. Either he is a crazy person, or he was playing a crazy person to get an psychiatric exemption.

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  1. i think he just wanted to get a better look at the womens legs and more...

  2. I saw something similar when I went to Lishkat Gius. One of the guys there (not religious) took out a sausage from his bag. He then looked at it for 10 minutes, then started waving it around, and playing with it, and generally making a fool of himself


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