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Jul 24, 2012

Interesting Posts #400

Interesting Posts #400

1. Still Not Self-Sacrifice - Reb Akiva's daughter writes more about her decision to serve in the Israeli army.

2. Defining Freshly Laundered

3. A Riddle Not For the Times

4. Was The Kotel Ever Covered With Garbage?

5. baseless Hatred or Principled Policy?

6. the Olympics Message From Hashem

7. Bleachers Built For Siyum HaShas

8. Airbrushing the past, Problems in the Present

9. The Israeli Cellphone Revolution 2012

10. A Culture of Violence

11. Charedi Demographics vs Chiloni Demographics

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  1. No names are provided for R' Eliyehev's decendants, so I don't buy the numbers at all.

    Maybe 8 of his children only had 1 child each, or didn't have any children?

    No names, no exact figures, nothing to go by in that post.


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