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Jul 17, 2012

Senior Assistant Says Qaddafi Was Jewish

Every now and again someone has made the claim that they know the late Libyan president Moammar Qaddafi was Jewish. Some claimed to be relatives who knew him from his youth, others just claimed to know. Even in his death the claims persist.

was Qaddafi a member of the People of the Book?
Now, one of his former top advisers (so he is described by Maariv), has said that it is true and Moammar Qaddafi's mother was Jewish. Very few people knew about it, and Qaddafi killed some of the few people that knew.

Nour Al-Masmari, the former Chief of Protocol (whatever that is) under Moammar Qaddafi, said that the rumors are true, and that Qaddafi killed three senior people who knew about it. During a fishing trip in Romania, so Al-Masari claims, Qaddafi killed a senior commander in his army because he knew about Qaddafi's mother being Jewish. As well, he killed his ambassador to Italy after he discovered that Qaddafi's mother was Jewish.

Now that Moammar Qaddafi is dead, I guess it does not make much of a difference. nobody will be counting him in a minyan or asking him to put on tefillin. Maybe people should arrange to learn mishnayos for his neshama or say a Kel Molei on his yahrtzeit...

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  1. ... just like we do for Tomaso de Torquemada.

  2. Figures. All the biggest Jew-haters are Jewish, aren't they?

  3. This is actually a really big problem. Don't know if it's a bigger problem if he turns out he is Jewish or if he turns out he isn't. I imagine if he isn't, they will just blame some conspiracy for covering it up.

  4. Cmon, you missed the biggest and most important nafka mina!

    Kupat Ha'ir will have a minyan of people saying tehillim on the yahtzeit for just 180 NIS per name :)


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