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Jul 30, 2012

Mahane Yehuda Merchants Come Out Swinging

One of the threats regularly used by the haredi community when it is upset about something is an economic boycott. I think that is totally legitimate, but once actually must hold the power it thinks it holds for this threat to be effective. I dont know if the haredi community really holds such power or not, but they use the threat often.

One time it seems to not be helping is in the fight against the cultural events being held in Mahane Yehuda shuk in Jerusalem under the name of the Baale-Basta. As mentioned last week, the Eida is banning, or at least encouraging people to avoid, the shuk for the duration of the events.

To my surprise, the merchant committee of Mahane Yehuda did not come out apologetically pleading for the business. They could have said something like the Iryah is doing this, not us. We have no power, please, etc. etc etc. Instead, according to Bechadrei, they have decided to call the Eida's bluff. or maybe they are just taking them up on their offer. They have come out swinging.

The merchants committee responded to the news of the Eida's announcement by saying we don't need them here then or at all even the rest of the year. The chairman added that the events of the Baale-Basta present no tzniyus issues any worse than at any other time of the year or any worse than anywhere else in Jerusalem.

Furthermore, it is most likely that they (the Eida community) do not even shop here all that much in the first place. And if they do, if I am wrong, they probably will not stop shopping here because of this.

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