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Jul 26, 2012

Live Organ Donation Law Passed

A law proposal has been in the works to promote live organ donation, and to encourage the public to register as donors. The law proposal would put anybody who is a donor to the front of the line in case, God forbid, he or she should need an organ donation.

Yesterday the Knesset approved the final readings of the proposal.

The law will give priority to organ donors, whether they have donated to a random recipient or even if they have donated to a specific recipient. until now donating to a specific recipient did not give the donor any priority or personal benefit. As well, Anybody who donated prior to the passing of this law will also be included in the benefits of the priority.

This is an important law. Israel is low on the list of organ donation, and if this can succeed in interesting people, even if just as a form of insurance, to become donors, it will have been worth it. Many people object based on religious grounds, and this will not change that. But for people who do not have a religious opposition to organ donation, either because they say it is allowed from a religious perspective or because that perspective doesn't interest them, this can possibly be the catalyst to increasing the donor ranks.

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