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Feb 26, 2014

Bennet on BBCs HardTalk: Jews have been in Israel since before Brits have been in Britain (video)

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  1. Poor Naftali, he seems sincere in his delusions and no doubt he's a great guy to go surfing with or 4-wheeling in the dunes. But his ideas are old hat. Nobody thinks the Arabs are just a blood-thirsty sub-group anymore. The Israelis look like being left behind as the World progresses.

    1. Oh , you mean because the memory of 9/11 has faded?

      I was more struck by the damned if you do, damned if you don't situation - make peace = they kill you; don't make peace = they BDS you. We are truly a nation that dwells alone, and nothing we do will change that.

    2. From where do you find the ability to predict the outcomes of all events, Miriam? We've tried 'Not Making Peace', and as you say, the World community doesn't approve. What about if we actually tried to Make Peace? And by this I don't mean pulling illegal settlers out of some area and then immediately surrounding that area with troops, fences and restrictions. I mean real peace, the sort of peace you and I enjoy each morning, sipping our coffees and thinking what to cook for lunch.


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